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This page calculates the live exchange rate for CET 1.00 CoinEx (CET) to United States Dollar (USD) for Tuesday 30th of May 2023. On this exact moment the exchange of CET 1.00 CoinEx (CET) can buy you $ 1.00 United States Dollar (USD). :currency can be bought from: Binance, OKEX & Kucoin.

1 CET = 1.000000 USD
1 USD = 1.000000 CET

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Before investing in CoinEx, it can be useful to look at a CoinEx prediction 2023. CoinEx is in high demand in 2023 among crypto investors. We are seeing more and more investors investing their money in the crypto CoinEx. If we look at the CoinEx price, we see that it has gone up in the last 6 months.

Of course, there are many speculations going on about what will happen to the CoinEx price in 2023. On this page, we will discuss the latest CoinEx price prediction and what the experts are saying about the CoinEx future. We will also answer some frequently asked questions about CoinEx and go through where you can CoinEx.

What will the CoinEx price do?

CoinEx is evolving into one of the biggest crypto coins of this time. Therefore, many of you will ask the question: What will the CoinEx price do today or next week? There isn’t an easy answer to this question. The CoinEx price will always fluctuate. Estimating the precise price can become quite difficult because of that.

Something we can do, is estimating a positive or a negative outcome. Because of the recent developments, the predictions of the CoinEx price look very positive. The chance that CoinEx will become worth more, is pretty large. The biggest reason is that all crypto is doing good. There are many governments and large companies that are interested in investing in crypto.

This doesn’t mean that there is a certain increased price. Something we can say is that the looks of a CoinEx prediction long term are very good. A positive outcome is very certain. A CoinEx prediction short term can still be a little volatile.

What is the latest CoinEx price prediction?

The CoinEx price predictions for this year look very positive. If we look at different CoinEx news and projects from the past year, we see that the future looks very positive for CoinEx. The team behind the crypto CoinEx is a professional team with emerging blockchain projects that have a positive impact on the development. All in all, the crypto world is growing a lot with projects from Europe to Africa.

We also see more and more companies taking the step to invest in crypto or even accepting crypto as a means of payment. Finally, several governments have recently officially declared to venture into cryptocurrency. All these developments will ensure that the crypto market becomes more accessible to individuals and companies and will grow as a whole.

What will the CoinEx price do today?

We cannot precisely predict what the CoinEx price will do today or tomorrow. This is mostly because the CoinEx prices fluctuate. What we can do, is make a CoinEx prediction 2023. The CoinEx prediction 2023, up to now, looks very promising. For the end of the year, we can predict that there will be a positive development for the price of CoinEx.

CoinEx prediction 2024

A CoinEx prediction 2024 is a little easier to make. This is probably the most accurate prediction we can do. As of today, the CoinEx prediction 2024 does look very promising. We can’t say for certain, but we expect a positive change in the price by the end of 2024.

CoinEx prediction 2025

The CoinEx prediction 2025 is another prediction we make. To make the CoinEx prediction 2025, we look at a few aspects of the crypto market. Something that is very important to look at, is the trust in the market. The more trust in the CoinEx market, the better the outcome. As of today, we can predict a positive change in the price.

CoinEx prediction 2030

The CoinEx prediction 2030 is the largest prediction we make. Larger predictions will be inaccurate. We don’t give any financial advice, but we can make a CoinEx prediction 2030. We expect the market to grow much larger. Therefore, we expect more investors, which means the price of CoinEx can grow quite a bunch in the period between now and 2030.

What do experts predict of the CoinEx price?

Unfortunately, our own team cannot provide financial advice, but we can look at what different experts are saying about CoinEx. If we look at what different financial experts and crypto experts are saying, we see that the big picture is that there are very positive predictions for CoinEx. CoinEx is expected to rise substantially this year, and again in the coming year.

For a more precise prediction, we recommend you to keep an eye on crypto news on a regular basis. For example, read news on crypto news pages, twitter and other social media to always be aware of the latest CoinEx crypto news and CoinEx projects. This will give you a good idea of the future plans behind the crypto team, their mission and vision, and more. So all in all, the CoinEx predictions are very good.


  • How can I buy the crypto CoinEx?
You can buy the crypto CoinEx, and other cryptocurrencies at a crypto exchange or broker. This is a platform where you can create a wallet and transfer your money to. After you have transferred your money, you can start trading cryptos. Registering an account with an exchange is free. In the next paragraph, we explain where you can buy the crypto CoinEx.
  • Will CoinEx rise or fall in 2023-2024?
Of course, we cannot say with 100% certainty whether CoinEx will rise, however, in practice we see that many cryptocurrencies have risen by large percentages in the past year. Our team of different financial experts have very positive predictions for CoinEx in 2023 and 2024.
  • How can I sell my crypto CoinEx?
In case of profit, one option is of course to sell your cryptocurrencies and exchange them for 'fiat' money (euros, for example). This can all be done easily with the exchange where you bought the crypto's. After you've sold the crypto you can exchange it for euros, for example, and then you can have your euros transferred directly to your bank account.

Where can I buy CoinEx?

You can buy the crypto CoinEx at various exchanges. One highly trusted exchange that our team can recommend to you is Binance. This is an exchange that is used worldwide and is very practical. Within a few minutes, you have already registered your account and opened your first wallet. After this, you can immediately start trading cryptos.

Historic Exchange Rates CET - USD

Date 1 CET Unit % Change 1 USD Unit
2023-03-28 0.0283 -0.13% 35.3966
2023-03-27 0.0283 -4.25% 35.3490
2023-03-26 0.0295 1.20% 33.9090
2023-03-25 0.0291 0.92% 34.3217
2023-03-24 0.0289 -1.08% 34.6407
2023-03-23 0.0292 4.54% 34.2722
2023-03-22 0.0279 -8.65% 35.9023
2023-03-21 0.0303 -1.97% 33.0443
2023-03-20 0.0309 -1.44% 32.4073
2023-03-19 0.0313 -3.66% 31.9475
2023-03-18 0.0324 2.36% 30.8195
2023-03-17 0.0317 -3.46% 31.5636
2023-03-16 0.0328 -0.29% 30.5078
2023-03-15 0.0329 -3.65% 30.4184
2023-03-14 0.0341 2.42% 29.3477
2023-03-13 0.0332 1.08% 30.0754
2023-03-12 0.0329 -0.61% 30.4024
2023-03-11 0.0331 -1.06% 30.2191
2023-03-10 0.0334 -4.29% 29.9022
2023-03-09 0.0349 0.00% 28.6712
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