Fast & Secure Cryptocurrency FolmCoin

Folm is an open source, decentralized cryptocurrency built on blockchain.

Revolution : Rule Based Payments FolmContracts

Create payment terms and agreements between multiple parties. Create rule-based heirship contracts.

Buy & Sell with Folm FolmPay

Send or receive money instantly. Merchants can accept Folm and other supported cryptocurrencies for goods & services via website or social media.

What's Folm Universe?

Folm is not only cryptocurrency. Folm is a four layer crypto solution that includes payment, storage and service contracts.

Services Layer
  • FolmContract
  • FolmPay
Management Layer
  • FolmBank
Applications Layer
  • Deamon wallet
  • Mobile wallet
  • Web wallet
Core Layer
  • FolmCoin
Folm Services

The FolmBank aims to be an infrastructure framework for all FolmServices, including those to be developed in the future.

  • Accept crypto coins for your business FolmPay makes it fast and easy to receive or send instant payments using the web or mobile wallets.
  • Sell your goods via your website or social media FolmShopping allows users to use Folm and other crypto currencies (see ‘Instant Convert’) as a method of payment.
  • Heirship Contracts

    The transfer of digital assets to legitimate heirs in case of death is a problem. What happens to crypto assets when someone dies? With FolmContracts, users can prepare rule-based Heirship Contracts ensuring that legal heirs will receive the designated assets. This process is seamless and automatic.

  • Escrow Services

    Folm in any asset exchange, intermediate services from a third-party person or entity are the norm. With the Folm Escrow Service, however, rules can be created that take the place of third party brokerage services.

  • Service Contracts

    Users can ensure that payments made are expendable only with the approval of the paying party. This may be viewed as a down-payment of collateral without the need of a third party.


FolmBank is an infrastructure framework for all FolmServices, including those to be developed in the future.


Users can easily transfer Folm coins from their wallet to the FolmBank with a single click. This is an effortless way to secure Folm. No more need to configure complicated backups or cold storage.


By maintaining a balance in the FolmBank, users automatically gain access to additional services such as FolmShopping and FolmContracts. The possibilities are endless! Active and ongoing development will continue to expand the FolmUniverse.

Easy Masternode

With FolmBank, users can easily setup Masternodes with a single click. No technical knowledge is necessary. This is revolutionary in the world of Masternodes.


FolmBank’s Instant Convert feature can exchange Folm for Bitcoin or Ethereum, enabling users to send in multiple currencies. This makes exchanging coins fast, effortless and easy. In addition to Bitcoin,Ethereum and other cryptocurrency coins will be added.

Desktop Wallets with new GUI

Easily transfer Folm coins from the desktop wallet to the FolmBank with a single click.

Web Wallet with high secure

Holding a balance in the FolmBank provides instant access to the Web Wallet, which can be used for all FolmServices, including FolmShopping.

Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallet users can send and receive Folm, transfer Folm to the FolmBank or even setup a Folm MasterNode with ease.

Folm Coin

Folm is an open source, decentralized cryptocurrency built on blockchain.

Active Developers & Support Team

  • Fast & Secure Masternode System
  • Secure PoW Mining Algorithm
  • Instant & Anonymous Transfers
  • Large Transaction Throughput

Folm Stats

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  • FolmUniverse One Paper
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  • FolmCoin Third Party Wallets Integration
  • FolmPay Website
Volkan (i76) CEO & Investor
Ilker (Ritesher) CMO & Investor
Guldeniz Marketing Manager
Mahmut CFO
Gorkem (Folm) CTO, Core Developer
Selcuk (sstercan) University Lecturer, Core Developer
Ryan Hee (Ryan3) QT Developer
Ihsan Web Developer
Kilic Web Developer
Alperen Web Developer
Orcun Web Developer
Gokhan (Thetis) Community Manager & Jr. Core Developer
Eray (Snowflake) Community Manager & Web Developer
Samet (Lothiraden) Community Manager
Nugroho (MaxIThan)
Donata (Dyrix)
Questions & Answers

How the FolmBank secures a user’s FLM ?

This is one of the most important questions about the Folm Bank. First, let us put things into perspective. Most crypto exchanges require traders to deposit their crypto in “hot” storage (online wallets). These exchanges then store 98% of those deposits offline in “cold” storage wallets. That means only 2% of those funds are readily available for trade circulation in the markets. This greatly impacts the availability of funds and reduces the speed of trades. How many times have you had to wait a long time to deposit or withdraw funds from an exchange? Folm offers a better solution. The Folm Bank keeps 90% of a user’s deposits secured in cold storage (paper wallets), while the remaining 10% is kept in “hot” storage (online wallets) and managed by specially developed bots that make the funds immediately available for trading or use with Folm Services. This vastly increases the speed and accessibility of funds for fast and easy trading, but that’s not all. Each user’s bank balance is insured by the Folm Bank (as with any bank), so trades and transactions can be made with the utmost confidence.

Why are Folm Services not included in the Blockchain? Is this not against Blockchain's logic?

1.When designing the Folm Universe, we always aimed to design the fastest and most hassle-free money transfer possible, and that remains our primary focus.

2. The risk of forks will slow down new development in services because each update requires a new fork, which can introduce new problems and major changes, especially for exchange markets, pools, and miners. The development team wants to continuously improve FOLM services to meet the needs of the community in an extremely fast and timely manner.

How do we trust FolmBank? If users have no control over the service, why would we entrust all of our FLM to the FolmBank? How will security be provided?

1. The same concern and suspicions are also present for any digital exchange. Hundreds of thousands of users keep large portions of their cryptocurrency in wallets on exchanges around the world. The FolmBank is an alternative to using secure storage for owners of FLM. We aim to make it easier for users who do not have the technical knowledge to manage their own backup jobs by creating an additional “place” to store their FLM.

2. Users are not required to use the FolmBank or Folm Services. These remain an option for all holders of FLM. It is also possible to simply use the desktop wallet. The goal of Folm Bank and Folm Services will be to create an ecosystem that users will want to use and trust.